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Global expertise and commitment to sustainable logistics and mobility


Green logistics consultants are the logical choice to help your company or authority develop sustainable logistics and mobility systems and realise major cost reductions and eco-efficiency improvements.

Road congestion, urban mobility, local air pollution and the need for CO2 reductions and energy conservation will have a dramatic impact on future transport systems and supply chains in all industries and geographic regions. Companies and public authorities will be forced to reduce the impact on the environment of their supply chains and transport systems and will have to develop sustainable transport and supply chain strategies.

Realising environmental objectives can be done in synergy with other strategic and financial goals. Green logistics and green supply chain practices often reduce logistics costs as it will reduce energy use and improve total supply chains. But it is also true that some economic trends, such as a shift to more offshore manufacturing and more frequent JIT deliveries, have a negative impact on the ecological performance of supply chains.

An international collaborative network of leading transport, logistics and supply chain consultants with general or specific expertise in areas where companies, local and national authorities can improve the energy and environmental performance of their logistics operations, supply chains and transport systems.

Endukt Pty, Australia

Altimedes, Belgium

Planning, Cyprus

Alectia, Denmark

Sito, Finland

Metis, France

Caplog, France

Planning, Greece

Adversum, Hungary

ArgusI, Netherlands

AEMS, Ireland

TRT, Italy

QuSL, Spain

Conlogic, Sweden


Green Logistics, Turkey

California State University Dominguez Hills, USA


Green Logistics Group

Driving sustainable growth and logistics resources and energy performance

How our expertise is sought by multinationals and authorities to achieve more sustainable transport and logistics systems


for better energy
 efficiency in transport

Expertise and training centre for energy auditors in transport and logistics


EN 16247-4  standard
 on energy audits
part 4 - Transport
for energy auditing of mobile assets



ForFITS is a UN software tool allowing for the evaluation of transport activity, energy use, and CO2 emissions in a range of possible policy contexts


UN Sustainable Procurement of Freight Transport Services


Lean and Green

The Flemish Institute of Logistics launches
Lean and Green programme in Belgium


Green Freight Europe




The Green Logistics Consultants Group covers technical aspects and alternative fuels as well as other drivers such as product life cycle designs, sourcing, speed, supply chain configurations, modal shift, transport and warehouse utilization, packaging, reverse logistics, waste logistics and cultural change.

Our consultants support enterprises, public authorities and international organisations to develop and to implement energy- and eco-efficient logistics operations and transport networks.

Within the Green Logistics Consultants Group, we develop and exchange environmental supply chain information, guidebooks and calculation tools. We have access to the latest knowledge, data, best practices and tools to investigate, measure, propose, implement and evaluate ambitious but realistic eco-efficient supply chain projects based on well informed decision making.

For more information, please contact the Green Logistics Partner in your area or the Green Logistics Consultants Group secretariat.



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